Teaserver Training Class

On Sunday, July 15, 2012 we will be holding a tea server's training class. This will be at a location in the south bay this time. The class will be from 10am until 6pm. Please do not attend if you must leave early, will be late, or feel the need to miss parts of it. The cost for this class is $40.

While the class is sponsored by the Northern California Ladies' Tea and Discussion Society, www.twistedteas.org/ , you do not have to be on the list to attend. The class is open to anyone interested in service. When you have completed the class, you will be qualified to serve at the teas held by the ladies in the Society.

The class will cover kneeling and standing, how to address the ladies, how to carry trays, how to serve a cup of tea, making garnishes, making and garnishing the food for a tea, how to serve food, and how to give a ritual footbath and foot massage. A sandwich lunch is included in the cost of the class. (If you have food allergies or special needs, please note this on your RSVP.) A workbook is also included as part of the class.

Please don't sign up if you don't plan to attend. Class size is limited, and we usually have to turn people away due to being full. Be kind and cancel early if you can't be there.

People attend this class for many reasons. Some tops attend in order to learn the skills. The skills are transferable to many other situations, so they are valuable to learn. For instance, Superbowl parties where submissive women pamper dominant men could use most of the skills we will be teaching. A lady in the South Bay is starting a "Poker Night" for men with female servers and using our training as a base. This is a very good basic class and it has been well attended since we started teaching it in 1998. This class has been highly recommended by organizations such as Journeyman's Academy and many of their graduates have taken our class.

Please RSVP to teaclass (at) twistedteas (dot) org

How to Give a Tea Class

Our Class, taught by Ms Margaret and Erich was well attended and appears to have been quite successful. We have not yet scheduled the next class. We hope to do so shorty.

Please note: you do not need to be a member to attend. Who says a tea party must be a stuffy, conservative affair?

Kinky tea parties are a fun way to experience D/s and service in a pleasant and readily available setting the comfort of your own home!

In this overview presentation, you'll learn about kinky tea party planning and execution. We will include a bit of history about tea in general, plus some recommended resources, tools and a few real-world tips for hosting your own "tea with a twist."

Advanced Tea Service: Headserver Training

This class was successfully presented in January or 2012. We were pleased with the response and will be presenting it again, soon.

Our Instructors

Domina is now our Instructor Emeritus. She developed the original tea training program with Lady Cynthia and she has been teaching it for the past 12 years. She will still do out of town tea trainings when asked, but she feels that Ms Margaret, Erich and Mikey have not only picked up the torch, but made it shine more brightly. You can read more about Domina here.

Ms Margaret aka KitNBoots is now in charge of training. She and her knight Erich developed the "How to Give a Tea" class and have been teaching the basic tea training class for the last few years. You can read more about Ms Margaret here.

Erich is Ms Margaret's slave and knight. He has assisted in making Ms Margaret's teas the most sought after for invitations. He is an exemplary instructor and has not only improved the course, but has outstripped Domina in learning to carve vegetables. You can read more about Erich here.

Mikey aka Smilinguy is one of the most willing and able volunteers in the Bay Area. He is a perfectionist and every event he's ever worked for shows his skill, talent and professionalism. If Domina were twenty years younger, she would probably kidnap him and keep him for herself. You can read more about Mikey here.

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