Name: Carlie Williams
FetLife link:
Age: 28
Sex: Transgender male-to-female
Sexual orientation: Bisexual

About me:

I'm a long time submissive who has had plenty of real life training and experience but has been mostly dormant in getting to utilize them for people. Outside of fetish interests I am a computer geek who is also a long time anime and video game fan. I have also gotten a lot better about drawing cartoony anthropomorphic (furry) artwork as a fun hobby/skill that I continue to improve. I can also sing! Which goes hand-in-hand for my love of music of almost all genres and time periods.

What do I look for in a lady to serve? The only thing I could ever ask is for appreciation for the 110% effort and dedication I put into my work to see that she is as happy as she can be being served by me. The rest is fluff, but ladies that have a love for latex of all kinds is definitely a big plus :) If you would like to know anything more about me I have left my email address and FetLife profile links handy for contact. I look forward to any who wish to speak to me!

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