Ms Domina

When you sit in a café, with a lot of music in the background and a lot of projects in your head, you're not really drinking your coffee or your tea. You're drinking your projects, you're drinking your worries. You are not real, and the coffee is not real either. Your coffee can only reveal itself to you as a reality when you go back to your self and produce your true presence, freeing yourself from the past, the future, and from your worries. When you are real, the tea also becomes real and the encounter between you and the tea is real. This is genuine tea drinking.

THICH NHAT HANH, Anger: Wisdom for Cooling the Flames

Domina is the Emeritus head of our training committee as she's turning it over to Ms Margaret, Erich and Mikey. She is married to her male sub, Lee, and has a girl, Meryl who is her partner.

Domina insists she is a confirmed sadist and we have photos to prove it. Domina and her family make and sell D/s toys (check out their page, The Frugal Domme), so it's only natural Domina should be able to use them.  Domina is also a retired professional dominant under the name Lady Lilith.

She teaches many different classes and since she loves to travel, she'll teach almost anywhere she's invited.  

She wants to make it clear to you that she is a middle aged and white haired and rather chubby lady, though her family insists she is beautiful. (However, they may be just a bit prejudiced.)

Since she is admittedly a "mommy domme" (meaning a soft, cuddly domme as opposed to the "bitch goddess" types), Domina tends to mother a lot of her submissive friends. It's not that easy to get on her buddy list, however. She, her girl, and her slave husband are totally devoted to each other, and no one else is going to do THOSE relationships any damage. She's often willing to have lunch or coffee with a guysub and just talk or give him advice. Don't expect that to lead to a position in her household. She's not currently looking for any play partners, though she and Meryl might appreciate a nice houseboy.(non-live-in) To get her attention, you have to be something VERY special. After all, you'd be competing with femsubs, too. She is definitely an equal opportunity dominant. Even giving her yellow or peach colored roses isn't likely to impress her TOO much. Though it might get you a second lunch date. She is a sucker for romantic gestures. 

She lives in Santa Rosa with both her subs, and soon will be having monthly parties. She is willing to exchange email as long as you are respectful. Please don't send her (or any of us) email saying, "I need a Mistress in the Aleutian Islands." as she does not identify as a dating service.

MsDomina's email is: MsDomina (at) frugaldomme (dot) com.

Her Fetlife Page is: Here

The Iron Dom Contest she puts on yearly can be found Here

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