Lady Mary

"She was a fine woman. A perfect gentlewoman. She had taken life, as she liked a cup of tea--weak, with an exquisite aroma and plenty of cream and sugar."

-Henry James, De Grey: A Romance

Lady Mary is the Grande Domme of our group. She is Lady Cynthia's mother, and an inspiration to all of us. She is not "officially" a domme. She identifies as vanilla and does not attend teas where the servers are unclothed. Like several other ladies, she "doesn't want to have naked men handling her food." She is, however, a wonderful lady in her early 80s. And she dearly loves foot rubs. She does attend teas where the servers are covered. This is one reason that we do have teas with servers who are attired in other than bow ties alone.

Although she claims not to be dominant or a sadist, Domina is convinced she is both. Lady Cynthia had to get her proclivities from somewhere.  And there was the time that Lady Mary poured peppermint flavoring on a fresh tongue piercing of one of Domina's slaves...

Lady Mary would be interested in a "young man, in his sixties" who likes to give foot rubs, cook, and do dishes.

We are blessed to have this lovely, open minded lady among us. You can write to Lady Mary through Lady Cynthia.

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