Marcus Laffey

I am seeking a woman with a beautiful mind to explore new bounds of our souls, hopefully as her sub, then maybe her slave. I can offer a simple but beautiful life and living place. I don't really like material things and enjoy life to the fullest every day. I'll never help you to a life of financial wealth but will find the goddess within and make you smile every day.

I enjoy life to the fullest in many ways, dogs, reading, my business, the non-profits I serve, both as volunteer and paid. When I lived in the Bay Area a decade ago, I was happily owned but distance has forced me back into the vanilla realm out here. My heart is monogamous and my relationship history has included several long term girlfriends but would be willing to have my mistress expand my horizons. I am functional but also happy as a chaste slave. Women are always comfortable with me. I can be masochistic but a softer mistress would also be a delight. If we like, I could eventually offer you a visit to the relaxed paradise we live in, or if you like start our relationship by visiting you and serving.

My email is marcuslaffey (at) gmail (dot)com. Its a penname but Im happy to provide name, pictures and all to any domme interested in talking.

I have not completed teaservers but have RSVPd for July, 2011.

I am a tall, 47-year-old man who lives in Mendocino (think village not county)

My Fetlife Profile is: Here.

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