A member of the SF Bay Area BDSM community since April of 2004, Mikey, known as Smilinguy on FetLife, gave himself a birthday present when he took the tea server training two months later and he’s been active in the Tea Society ever since. Over the years he’s gone from being a server, to a head server, and finally, to one of the instructors for the Tea Society. He’s taught ladies how to host a tea party on more than one occasion as well.

“Service comes from the heart, not the crotch” as he likes to say and tea service brings out the joy in him to serve for the sake of service. Outside of the Tea Society, he volunteers in the community, including as judges’ boy for the Northwest Leather Celebration, and as class liaison lead for Folsom Fringe. Perhaps someday he’ll be fortunate enough to be partnered with a special lady but for now he continues to improve himself and his service.

-mike :)

"Endurance is not just the ability to bear a hard thing, but to turn it into glory."

William Barclay

He has a website at: Spellflight

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