Ser Mink

Email: (at)gmail (dot)com

I have been in the South Bay area for a few years but am rather new to the BDSM community in general, so please forgive me (and let me know) if I make a mistake or a faux pas! Though a switch, some of the most enjoyable times I've had in the community so far have been at the tea I have been had the pleasure to serve at, and serving nibbles at the Folsom Fringe playparty. This is admittedly not a great deal of experience, but I hope they are a foundation to build upon.

Most of my information is in my FetLife profile. I am 39 this year, inquisitive if shy, and am still exploring the boundaries of what I enjoy and don't enjoy. And as I say in my profile: Meeting new and interesting people is the best way to break out of a shy shell, and something to eagerly look forward to. I am currently unowned but seeking, though being a (albeit mostly submissive) switch adds a bit of a wrinkle to that, I'm sure. In addition, I am very much looking forward to serving at future teas, and promise to do my very best at any such function at which I am given the honor of helping to serve!

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