Ms Margaret aka KitNBoots

Ms. Margaret (aka MsKitNboots on Fetlife) began her kinky explorations in the mid-1990s and calls the South San Francisco Bay Area BDSM community home.

She served on the board of directors for smOdyssey, Inc and as co-coordinator for smOdyssey education from late 2003 - 2007. For those same five years she was the education coordinator for the annual FolsomFringe conference and most recently has served for the as the executive producer for Northwest Leather Celebration conference and NW Master/slave contest.

She and slave Erich have presented workshops for Great Lakes Leather Alliance (GLLA), Leather Leadership Conference (LLC), Santa Clara County Leather Association (SCCLA), smOdyssey's FolsomFringe conference and South Plains Leatherfest (SPLF). They have also presented for smOdyssey under the aliases of "Mistress Breezy" and "nerdboy."

Ms Margaret appreciates genteel qualities and feminine accoutrements and adores being served by slaves with whom to explore her particular brand of velvet-glove-over-steel-hand dominance. She enjoys hosting kinky tea parties, wearing a variety of fetish and historical costume and she never takes her tea the same way twice during a tea party. She also enjoys fine wine and savors a good cigar now and then! Additional passions include rubber/latex, gas masks, foot worship and of course her beloved slave, Erich.

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