Lady Sirona

My name is Lady Sirona; I am a 51 year old bisexual Domme in Sacramento seeking that special male or female sub/slave. I have a personal web page that describes in detail what I seek.

My web page is: < a href=""> I am also looking for friendships with other Dommes. I enjoy visiting over coffee and tea, and attending tea parties.

I enjoy reading sci-fi and fantasy with some horror. I usually do cross stitch, make jewelry, and write erotica. I am going to school for my Masterís degree in Nursing Management. I have severe arthritis that has me retired on disability but hope once I got my Masterís degree, I will be able to reenter the work force. I love the ocean and the mountains, watching movies and discussing them, and occasional TV. I love all sorts of music except rap.

I love Smallville, True Blood, and the CSI shows. I don't watch a lot of TV I am usually reading and studying on the internet.

I love endless movies far too numerous to count but a few: Somewhere in time, From Whence dreams come, harry potter, the twilight saga, Say what go with me to one and we can share it?

Shows: Loved Cats, The King and I,

Music: too numerous to count except I don't care for some Jazz, rap, and bluegrass country

Food: It is all too obvious I love food and I am always open to try new foods

What I am looking for:

* Guys and girls who like bi Dommes
* Ages 25-65
* Who are single
* For new friends, long-term dating, short-term dating, activity partners, long-distance pen pals

"An open mind is like an open gutter- it let's everything in, including garbage. It is necessary to have grates in our life- and do not have be to tolerant of everyone."

"I rarely need to turn the Golden Rule around like this, but: Think of the way you'd treat a close and beloved friend who was in your exact situation, and then start showing yourself the same kindness and generosity of spirit."
Carolyn Hax

"Be who you are and say what you feel... because those that matter... don't mind... and those that mind...don't matter!"

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