Ms Tender

Back in 1999, lost without an outlet for my kink and only the internet to feed me, I needed more. In 2000, I found my local community and I have never looked back. I discovered I was a switch in early 2001 and soon embraced my lifestyle with more desire.

I have a wonderful partner by the name of DeMoN who has been in service to me since 2001. I am part of Casa de Chaos, which I am very proud of. I have been involved with my local community for 10 years. You might know me as I served on the smOdyssey board of directors for the 2006-2008 terms, as well as 2010-2012.

As for current bits and pieces of my life, I am the host of the San Jose Munch sponsored by smOdyssey, co-host a BBW munch, help host a Switch discussion group, as well as am a greeter on FetLife, coordinator FolsomFringe 2011, and have led other miscellaneous local functions.

To find out more about me visit FetLife

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