Our Purpose

"She was a fine woman. A perfect gentlewoman. She had taken life, as she liked a cup of tea--weak, with an exquisite aroma and plenty of cream and sugar."

-Henry James, De Grey: A Romance

The ladies of the Society are a varied and interesting lot. They are from all orientations and have diverse interests.

Gentlemen, should you be lucky enough to be granted an interview with any of these ladies, and either decide not to keep the date, be delayed, or be unable to keep the date, please call. It is extremely rude to force a lady to sit in a public place waiting for someone who is not on time. It causes us to become cranky and out of sorts. We also tend to talk badly about you at the next tea.

Also, none of us is desperate to meet you or any other man. Some of the ladies ARE interested in meeting Mr. Submissive Right, but not all, and don't assume that you are he. The ladies are not usually going to play with you on the first meeting. Neatness, promptness, good manners and meeting the lady's requirements are going to be pluses. Approaching a lady with the idea of what YOU are going to get out of this is not a winning attitude.

The ladies listed are only a few of the more than 150 or so on the tea invitation list.

To Meet Dominant Ladies...

The best way to meet dominant ladies is to attend munches, events, classes, and parties in the bay area. If you look at the Society of Janus Calendar, you'll see that there is something going on in the bay area just about every night. Pick your event and attend it! If you're nice and polite, chat with everyone, and don't lead with your fetishes, chances are that you'll make friends and start being invited to things.

If you go to things and wait for people to talk to you, well, you may wait a long time. You're going to have to make an effort here.

Volunteering is a really good thing for those of you who are shy. It gives you something to do, makes sure that you'll interact with others, and also causes people to think well of you. Mikey Smilinguy volunteered at all sorts of events when he first got into the scene. He's one of the most respected gentlemen in the bay area. Everyone knows and likes him. This is someone who would make a good role model.

Sitting behind your computer and waiting for your princess to come isn't going to get you anywhere. This is the bay area. If you looked at that events calendar, you will see that your potential princess can find something to do every night of the week. She isn't going to need to sit at home waiting for you. And she's probably not going to be all that interested in some guy she met online who won't attend anything in public. Public is safe for ladies. Plus, it's non-threatening. So get out there and get involved.

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