Our Servers

We could not do what we do without our wonderful servers. Our standards are exacting and they get no pay, so it is with gratitude that we note those who tirelessly come to event after event and give of their time and attention to make it a special day for the ladies attending.

We are especially grateful to Erich and Mikey who now run the tea server training classes. These are the two best servers that Domina ever trained, and together they have improved the training class that she started. Domina said that the best trainers are those who actually do it because they know where the weak spots are and she has been proven correct. These gentlemen could run just about any event and do it with grace and style.

Mikey has written a section on exercise that will be available on the website to supplement the training manuals that so many of you have. It will be included in the next training manual. Mikey put a lot of effort into this and we're pleased to have him join the authors of the book.

Some of our servers are owned and collared. Some are married to ladies outside the lifestyle. A few may be gay and not really looking for a female partner and then there are those few who are hoping to meet the right lady.

And remember, those servers who have taken the training can give footrubs. It doesn't get much better than that.

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