Giving a Tea

Recently, it came to light that many of our members didn't know exactly what to do to give a tea party. If we've been remiss in setting this forth, please forgive us. We have attempted to rectify this omission here.

Giving a tea is definitely a gracious act on the part of a hostess. It's expensive. (see the proposed menus in the recipe section as a guideline of how expensive.) It can be a lot of trouble and rather wearing. The servers are a great help with this. We have recently changed the rules to ask for a $10 donation from each lady for the teas. This is so that we can have teas more often as it has been getting prohibitively expensive to give teas over the last few years.

The Servers have been trained to prepare and serve the food. Therefore, the hostess can (in most cases) limit herself to seeing that everything is set out for the servers to deal with and greeting her guests. Only a modicum of supervision should be necessary in most cases.

Here is the way it SHOULD go.

    1.) The Lady decides to give a party and selects the date
    2.) The Lady notifies Domina of the date she has chosen and Domina posts the request for servers on the server's list.
    3.) The Lady chooses the servers from the responses she receives. She gives the list of servers to Domina or Lady Cynthia to make sure they are trained servers.
    4.) The servers show up at the Lady's residence two hours in advance of the party in order to prepare food and set up for the party. Any last minute cleaning or errand running that the lady needs done may be assigned to the servers.  
    5.) The Lady will have all food, dishes, utensils, etc. ready for the servers to use. A written menu and recipes (where necessary) will be provided the servers.
    6.) The guests arrive. The Lady will answer the door (as the servers are not attired for this task) and greet her guests.
    7.) Service of the tea begins.
    8.) When the food has all been served, the servers begin tidying the kitchen and giving foot and hand massages.
    9.) The servers complete giving massages and complete any needed cleaning of the kitchen or the area the ladies used.
    10.) The servers are thanked and dismissed.

If the Lady is giving a more elaborate tea, it may be that the servers will need more supervision. If the guests stay long after the tea is concluded, the servers may have cleaned what they could, and left before everything was completely done. There are always circumstances where things do not always go as planned.

Hopefully this will help you in planning your tea. If you have any further questions, please contact or and we will do our best to answer them.

If You'd Like to Join...

Ladies in Northern California are welcome to apply for membership in our society Your orientation is not an issue, nor is your involvement in D/s important. Just a congenial personality and in interest in joining our group. (We are only open to genetic/transsexual ladies, or those tvs who seriously identify as ladies. This means TVs are welcome if they LIVE as ladies all the time. Occasional crossdressers are not women, and will not be permitted to attend. This is a female supremacist group.) Please tell us a bit about yourself and why you'd like to join the group. You do need to be over 25 and reside in Northern California. Send E-Mail to LadyStrega at

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