How We Began

A little group of Sacramento ladies who belonged to the local D/s discussion group had been to a couple of tea parties at WinterSwan's house. The teas were served by Winterswan's sub, S, and the ladies invited were from all parts of the D/s community. Not dommes only, but any of the ladies that WinterSwan found congenial.

The idea caught on. Everyone wanted to give teas. However, only the dommes had submissive servers to do the serving, and most of the ladies had only one server. The group had grown to the point where one server wasn't able to adequately serve all the ladies who attended Especially since part of the program had become showcasing the main service talents of the server belonging to the hostess whether it be cooking, or foot massage.

Then, the crisis. Domina and Diva were cohosting a tea to be held at WinterSwan's house. Unfortunately, Diva was forced to release her sub, and Domina's other playmate was unavailable. Due to previous commitments and mishaps and because of the short notice, no other sub was available and Feynman ended up serving the tea alone. During the hunt to find a second sub just for the tea, the idea of forming a tea society and training servers JUST for the teas was formed. Domina meanwhile had found the website for the Ladies Tea and Rhetoric Society, and Lady C's sub, R, had also mentioned that he found the idea of simply serving with no other interest being paid to him to be very enticing. So, at the March tea, it was formally decided to begin a Northern California Society for the express purpose of holding monthly teas. Of such events, history is made.

The majority of the teas are held in Hayward or San Jose but some are held in San Francisco, Sacramento, or other places.

The ladies now have tea parties and, on occasion, the teaservers are invited to serve at other types of parties where the rules of behavior may be a bit less formal. Still, the tradition of good service and good manners is expected.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Society is for the ladies to be able to have a nice get together once a month or so without the aggravation of the hostess having to do the serving and clean up. To this end, it was decided that a corps of well trained "tea boys" should be enrolled. Additional skills of the tea boys such as massage, facials, pedicures, manicures, etc. were considered a plus. This ensures and afternoon of pampering and luxury for the ladies, which they richly deserve.

The tea servers, of course, will be completely discreet, unobtrusive, and skilled in waiting on the ladies. A boy who draws attention to himself will be ejected. A boy who makes advances to any of the ladies will be ejected. And of course, boys will be ejected for poor service. The ideal tea boy is skilled, quiet, totally respectful and keeps his mind on his duties.

The Society's purpose is NOT for ladies and boys to meet, but purely for the pleasure of the ladies. Some of the ladies may be lesbian, some may be submissive, and some may be vanilla. This is immaterial to the purpose of the Society which is to give the ladies a pleasant, pampered afternoon. The ladies all enjoy each other's company. While it is possible that a lady may take an interest in a boy, there is no expectation that this will happen. Many of the ladies are suited with their current boys; some are not involved in the lifestyle, and some are of an orientation that makes interest in a boy unlikely in the extreme. Boys who serve the Society, CAN however, put it on their resume when seeking a Mistress, and therefore have a reference. There is also the cachet of having SOME training in pleasing ladies. After all, the Dominant ladies in the Society are the ladies usually involved in the labor of selecting and TRAINING these boys. And these ladies will understand the likes and dislikes of other dominant ladies.

We now ask all tea servers to pay $40 toward the costs of training. We are asking for all the ladies to contribute $10 to the hostess of each tea they attend. We think this is a reasonable and affordable amount.

"Women gather and socialize as they might anywhere. The only difference is males are subservient and naked providing service to the guests according to strict protocol and in a rigidly defined structure."

Jorge (teaserver)

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